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When I was starting out in comedy in the early 1980's, Jon Fox's "Just For Laugh's," the comedy newspaper from the San Francisco Bay Area, would be delivered every month, free of charge, to the Comic Strip and other clubs in the city. Upon arrival the local comics would immediately scan the extensive listings of clubs and the comics working the road. There was so much going on in comedy all over the country at that time and JFL was capturing tons of it, primarily from the Bay Area perspective. I thought there should be a publication that did the same from a New York and more national perspective. I was surrounded almost every night by the earliest versions of some of the greatest comedy talent of all time. It was my intention to journalize it.  Comedy USA was born. 


I had a broadcast journalism degree. I had published three issues of a pro wrestling magazine when I was a kid.  I had enthusiasm and absolutely no clue.  


With the help of a lot of generous and talented people over the better part of a decade, Comedy USA published national glossy magazines, a monthly trade newsletter, all kinds of annual talent and trade directories and guides, produced comedy tours and competitions, performed charity work where we could and did some other fun stuff, too.


I saved copies of just about everything CUSA ever did and have a lot of fun stuff that needs to be digitized.  I will try my best to get it all done and to share what I have, all along the way.


A wise professor once told my Poly Sci class that all failed nations looking to restore greatness, look back before looking forward. That has nothing to do with any of this, but since I'm sharing....


Anyway, the longest journey starts with a single click.  I hope you enjoy clicking around this site.





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