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Issue #4 
Crusade to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Plans for Jerry to be on the cover of the first issue had to be changed when a problems with lighting the night we did our cover shoot, rendered the shots useless. Undeterred and always very generous with his time, Jerry, along with Carol Liefer agreed to headline our show, performing on the Circle Line on the Hudson River to help raise funds to fight Multiple Sclerosis. As a side note, in the middle of his act, the boat cruised by what was then the hottest story in the news, a barge filled with New York City garbage that had been rejected at dumps everywhere. Without missing a beat, as the entire audience abandoned him to rush and see it live, Jerry ad libbed: "What's that? The Garbage Barge? I think I'm doing a set there in a half hour. 
Tom Dreesen also spoke with writer Martin Pedersen for this special issue, about the impact of MS on his sister and entire family and all he was doing to address the cause.
Gilbert Gottfried was profiled in this issue by the late Donna Coe.  We also talked with Tracy Ullman about her hit show on the new "4th Network," Fox Television.  

Click on the image above to download a full PDF version of this issue. 

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