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Issue #1  Spring 1986

Released on April 1, 1986, this preview issue captured Sam "The Beast" Kinison at the magical moment in his career when he was exploding into fame and all that brought with it. Almost simultaneous to appearing on the cover of Comedy USA, Sam scored with his break out big screen role in Rodney Dangerfield's "Back To School" and an equally monumental stand up set on Rodney's "HBO Young Comedians Special". Jerry Seinfeld, on his way to comedy immortality, was orignally scheduled to be the cover story, but issues with lighting the night we sent our photographer to shoot Jerry, left us with nothing that did him justice. Jerry made it up to us later, when he gave his time and talent to our MS Boat Ride around Manhattan, coinciding with our 4th edition. As it worked out, this first issue, lacking as it was in design, was loaded with legendary comedy talent. 

Every image on this page is linked to the same PDF file of this entire issue. Just click on the image above to find the link. 

1 Kinison Issue pdf
2 Kinison
3 Kinison
4 Kinison
5 Kinison
6 Kinison
7 Kinison
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