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Ritch Shydner

Ritch Shydner

Ritch Shydner has done it all and knows the all when it comes to professional comedy and the stars that have emerged from the comedy boom of the 1980's right up through today. Here are the names dropped in a fun and funny ComedyUSA Schmooze:

Ray Garvey

Marc Maron

Bill Burr

John Fugelsang

Marty Shultz

Seth Shultz

George Shultz

Jerry Seinfeld

Larry Miller

El Brookmans


Paul Brookman

Kevin Rooney

Lewis Black

Bill Masters

Ron Zimmerman

Jon Heyman

George Carlin

Steve Martin

Robert Klein

Andy Evans

Silver Friedman

Chris Albrecht

Bud Friedman

Glenn Hirsch

Rick Overton

Gilbert Gottfried

Ritchie Gold

Ft. Lauderdale Comic Strip

Carol Leifer

Kelley Rogers

Joe Bolster

Mark Schiff

Ernie Butler

Comedy Nest

Marc Breslin

Yuk Yuks

Ollie Joe Prater

Jon Fox

Dice Clay

Jeff Foxworthy

Harvey Elkin

Howard Stern

Steve Schafer

Jerry Stanley

Joan Rivers

Jackie Martling

Bob Woods

Steven Wright

Roseanne Barr

Johnny Carson

Sean Penn

Jordan Brady

Bill Maher

Judd Apatow

Wayne Federman

Zanies Chicago

Andy Valvur

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