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Rory Rosegarten

Rory and Barry

Outside of club owners Richie Tienken and Bob Wachs, when they managed Eddie Murphy and worked at times with so many others like Sam Kinison, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler to name three, Rory Rosegarten was probably the one other manager in the business who had deep personal ties to the Comic Strip in the 1980's and actually thought of the club as his comedy "home". As Rory tells it in this Comic Strip Schmooze, legendary club manager Lucien Hold was the one, who after talking his ear off until 6:00AM one morning, helped him to fall in love with comedy, even as he was already working with Robert Klein. Rory's business and personal relationships with Strip regulars Joe Bolster and the late Alan Colmes then solidified that bond as Rory was involved in a number of events at the Strip, including the live Alan Colmes talk show called "Colmes in the Club" -- pictures of which are seen below. That's Alan on stage with Rory's wrestling client, Captain Lou Albano. And there are shots of Rory that night with Capt. Lou and "Grandpa" Al Lewis who also appeared. Today, Rory is best known for managing Ray Romano and Brian Regan and tells us during this schmooze that he's also now working with Andrew "Dice" Clay. While we cover a lot of ground in this schmooze, we barely began to scratch the surface. Hopefully we can get together again sometime for a more dedicated Industry Schmooze, as Rory Rosegarten has plenty of stories to tell about fame, the business and watching a client become one of the highest paid television actors of all time. Until then, we present the names dropped in this Comic Strip Schmooze:

Buck Wolf

Imogene Coca

Robert Klein

Brenda Boozer

Jack Rollins

Charles Joffe

Joe Bolster

Alan Colmes

Lucien Hold

Bronze Comic Strip 25th Anniversary Jacket

Ray Romano

Mick Thomas

Colmes in the Club

Al Lewis

Lou Albano

Sargent Slaughter

Dice Clay

Mike Sperizi

Eddie Murphy

Brian Regan

Richie Tienken

Bob Wachs


Mark Magnuson

Governors Stamford

“Hot Tub” Johnny

Wayne Federman

Laudermilk - Peter Farrelly’s new show


The Irishman

Al Pacino

Robert DiNero

Martin Scorsese

JoAnna Beckson

Jon Manfrelotti

Tom Caltabiano

Get Shorty

Mark Duplass

Jerry Seinfeld

Troy Miller

Wendy Rosegarten

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