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Lois Dengrove

Lois Dengrove was breaking in and working during the earliest days of the 1970's NY Comedy scene. In this schmooze, she shares her personal experience as one of the few women auditioning and passing at Catch, The Improv and The Strip in the mid to later 1970's.

As this schmooze will reveal, Lois experienced and endured a lot in those days, much of which kept her from diving in and hanging out extensively after her sets. Still, she worked all the Jersey gigs, east coast road gigs, southern road gigs, Canadian road gigs. You name it. She was signed by ICM. Headlined everywhere. Auditioned for and got some great gigs and then started finding other ways, in particular voice over work.

She got into voiceover by calling agencies, in the voice of Kate Hepburn telling some phony story to get them interested. Most did not find it amusing. Young and Rubicam gave her a job. Her mother, an Emmy winner for her courtroom sketches of the Son of Sam case, amused David Letterman so much during an appearance that he kept her longer, which ended up bumping that night's comic. After that, comics teased her relentlessly that they were the one bumped by her mom on Letterman.

Her Edith Bunker impression was so good, a guy once put a rifle at her head and demanded she do it again. In Calgary, a guy punched her when she refused to do it for his amusement.. She even wound up with an audience member in the hotel room next to hers yelling requests for impressions of Edith Bunker, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton.

And here are the rest of the names dropped in the Lois Dengrove Schmooze:

Bob Wachs

Richie Tienken

Lucien Hold

Carol Leifer

Shelly Altman

Lucy Webb

Abby Stein

Nancy Parker

Channel J

Midnight Blue

John Lennon

Masters and Johnson

Bette Davis

Chris Albrecht

Improv NY


Kelly Rodgers

Marv Braverman

Peter Doorman at Catch

Bill McCarty

Bev Mickens

Donna Coe

Marilyn Michaels

Joe Franklin

John Mendoza

Marjory Gross

Patty Rosborough

Eddie Murphy

Joe Bolster

Jimmy Brogan

Larry David

Jack Raymond

Hiram Kasten

Bill Keller

Dennis Wolfberg

London Lee

Joey Heatherten

Connie Frances

The Good Times

Rico Guerrero

Dave Edison

Balatsos Gig

Ritch Shydner

Janette Barber

Anita Weiss

Laura Kightlinger

Sara Silverman

Susie Essman

Jonathan Katz

Rita Rudner

Margaret Smith

Fred Stoller

Eric Kornfeld

Gilbert Gottfried

Bill Maher

Rhonda Handsome

Paul Herzig

Comedy U

Phil Nee

Rondell Sheridan

JJ Ramirez

Ben Creed

Chuck Barris

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