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Joey Vega

Joey Vega has been delivering bulletproof comedy at The Strip for longer than anyone wants to cop to. These days, Joe spends most of his time working with Marc Anthony in arenas and other huge venues around the country and around the world. Joey may be the only guy I'll ever speak with who had to do his own off stage intro -- of himself -- at Madison Square Garden, after racing to the gig from Jersey on about an hour and a half notice. Joe was at the Strip April 1, producing a show he does often at smaller venues for the vast audience he has built in 16 years of touring with J'Lo's Ex.It was great fun just to get together and catch up face to face . We spoke about an hour before the crowd began to arrive.

Names Dropped In The Joe Vega SchmoozeCast:

Marc Anthony

The Latin Connection

Madison Square Garden

Chris Rock

Adam Sandler

Ray Romano

Louis CK

Silver Friedman

Rich Shydner

Lucien Hold

Eric Kornfeld

Bob Wachs

Wayne Federman

Sam Kinison

Richie Tienken

Abby Stein

Paul Reiser

Jerry Seinfeld

J.J. Wall


John Mulrooney

Rick Messina

Rich Jeni

George Calfa

Robert Ross

J.J. Ramirez

Good Times Comedy Club

Rico Guerrero


George Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Steve Hytner

Jim Norton

Colin Quinn

Brandon Vega

Comic Strip Softball Team

Jim Florentine

Eric Macmahon

Hiram Kasten

Buddy Mantia

Larry David

Marc Raider

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