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Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes is a nationally known radio and televison host who's early career involved a lot of stand-up success, much of which was at The Comic Strip. Alan first arrived at The Strip on June 1st, 1976 - a Wednesday as he recalls - but did not pass right away. It was a bit later when owner Richie Tienken, who had a musician friend named Buddy Traynor, knew Alan was in radio and according to Alan, passed him in hopes of getting some of his his friend's music played on air. Whatever the reason, Alan went on to work regularly and settle in for a long while under Lucien as the Saturday night, first show MC. For a while, I often hosted the Saturday late show, so I guess we became friends between shows? Alan and Joe Bolster were kind enough to meet me at the club's podcast studio on a hot June afternoon in 2015. We enjoyed a wide ranging discussion about the club, their own personal comedy histories, shared great stories and offered some valuable lessons from their lives and experience in the business.

Didn't compile the full list of names dropped during this interview yet, but it included Lucien Hold, Ritchie Tienken Bob Wachs, John McGowen, Seinfeld, Miller, Reiser, Pips, Catch, The Improv and more.

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