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Broadway Gabe and Joe

Gabe Abelson was in NYC for a last minute visit so we arranged a hastily organized lunch. Bill McCarty, with a lot on his plate was able to make the meal but had to head out before we could get into the Comic Strip podcast booth with Gabe and Joe Bolster.

First sound posted is a brief 5 minute segment in which Gabe tells his Rodney/Eddie Murphy story and things progress from there. The much longer 1:09 minute conversation will be posted soon thereafter.

Here is a complete list of names that were dropped during this fun comic conversation which if you read the list carefully, you will see, covered a lot of ground between comedy and politics.

Names Dropped in the complete schmooze:

Peter Bales

Dennis Wolfberg

Eddie Murphy

Jerry Seinfeld

Carol Leifer

Paul Reiser

Rich Hall

Grandma Minnies

Bob Wachs

George Wallace

Bob Kinney

Greg Monaghan

Club Getaway

Larry Miller

Lyndon Larouch

Ritchie Tienken

Dan Akyroyd

Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney's Place

Rick Corso

Sam Kinison

Catch A Rising Star

Dice Clay

Ford Fairlane


Barack Obama

John McCain

Robert Morton

Carlos Mencia

Mind Of Mencia

Randy Credico

Andy Valvur

Beto O'Rourke

Elizabeth Warren

Joe Biden

Kamela Harris

Corey Booker

Julio Castro

Michael Avenatti

Rod Rosenstein

Donald Trump JR

Robert Mueller

Dick Cavett

Jack Parr

David Letterman

Charlie Calas

Uncle Ray

Eddie murphy's friend Clint

Jeffrey McDonald

The Monkees

Arthur Asch

Marvin Miller

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