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Patty Rosborough

Patty points to Patty

Patty Rosborough was at the Strip April 1, working with Joe Vega on his two sold out shows. Between sets, we snuck into the podcast studio and with the show continuing behind us, we caught up on what's been going on with Patty lately, the budding career of her eldest daughter Molly and of course, Lucien Hold. It is quite possible, Patty has told me one of the greatest Lucien stories of all time. Sneak peek: Lucien apparently lusted for our dear Ms. Rosborough and not just in his heart. Anyway, (which is no proper way to begin a sentence) Patty's interview is quite entertaining and should be reading for airing sometime soon. In the meantime I offer a current photo of the talented Ms. Rosborough and hope to get some schmooze-bites up in advance of the whole interview as soon as I can.

Names Dropped in the Patty Rosbourough Schmooze:

Joe Vega

Mark Anthony

Catch A Rising Star

The Improv

Wayne Federman

Steve Hynter

Robert Ross





The Comic Strip Improv group

Susie Essman

Jannette Barber

Rosie O'Donnell

Jerry Seinfeld

Sam Kinison


Steve Shaffer

Eddie Murphy

Comedy Channel


Comedy Central

Short Attention Span Theater

Brian McFadden

Brian Regan

Molly Kornfeld

Eric Kornfeld

Debbie Lyons

Comedy U

Comedy U Grand

Comedy Cellar

Ladies of Laughter

Jane Condon

Lenny Marcus

Ross Bennett

Scott Carter

Luciens Lobster Parties

Carol Leifer

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