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Wayne Federman

I met Wayne in the doorway of Catch A Rising Star at aound 4 AM on a Monday morning in the summer of 1978.We were among the first on line to pull numbers for auditions at 9:00pm, later that night. Wayne and I did a lot of time together in our formative years and I learned a lot about comedy and career management by watching and talking with Wayne. Wayne also taught me how to drive a stick shift. Despite the club being completely shut down due to the massive snow storm in January 2016 that shuttered half the east coast, Wayne cabbed over to a darkened Comic Strip to talk about the early days, the history of comedy and what I have taken to calling the "Wayne-aissance" that's happening right now. Special thanks to Shamus Mc Daid for unlocking the club in wake of the storm, making it possible to do this schmooze.

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