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Lenny Marcus

Lenny was kind enough to meet me at the Strip on another very hot June day in 2015. We talked about his experience coming up in comedy in the 1990's, his personal history with the club and his amazing tale of perseverance auditioning on and off over the course of fifteen years before finally getting his first Letterman shot. He would go on to do two more. Then the show went off the air. Evidence suggests there is no connection.

Lenny also had a unique connection to Lucien, particularly in his final year, primarily because he lived so close.

Look for his pod bites and full length interview in the appropriate places on this website.

Lenny Marcus name drops

Vinnie Brand

Ross Perot


Stand-up NY

Stress Factory

Comic Strip Lottery System

Lucien Hold

Richie Teinken

JR Ravitch

Chris Rock

Wayne Federman

Steve Hytner

Mike Sweeney

Danny Devitto/ Danny Vermont

Kevin James

Catch In Princeton

Joe Doublewitz

George Calfa

Pat McGreal

Dave Edison

Starla Munez

Eric McMahon

Boston Comedy Club

Late Friday on NBC

JB Smooth

Jim Gaffigan

Norm McDonald

Eddie Brill

Renee Glicker

Phil Nee

Dom Irrera

Jerry Seinfeld



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The Day Lucien Died

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Gabe Abelson


David Letterman

Gotham Comedy Club

Chris Maziilli

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