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Eric Kornfeld

Eric Kornfeld has one of the best stories about passing at The Strip, I've ever heard. I spoke with Eric in Februarry 2016. Among other stories, he also tells about the night the late Michael Hampton Caine was unbelievably nice to him for no apparent reason and how Lucien Hold made the club special by making it more than just a place to do business. He also spoke glowingly of his ex wife Patty Rosborough and their eldest, Molly, who is now also in "the family business".

Here is a partial list of Name Drops from the Eric Kornfeld interview:

Steve Hytner

Joe Bolster

Alan Colmes

Bill McCarty

DF Sweedler

Judy Gold

Bette Midler

New York Restoration Project

Bruce Villanche

Lucien Hold

Vanessa Hollingshead

Gabe Abelson

Patty Rosborough

Molly Kornfeld

Anna Kornfeld

The Stand

Joe Matterese

Gilbert Gottfried

Paul Mecurio

Allen Enlow

Phil Nee

Deb Lyons

Mario Cantone

Jim David

Michael Hampton Caine

Rip Taylor

Margaret Smith

Ellen DeGeneris

Steve Wright

Cynthia Coe

Mike Egan

Colin Quinn

Ray Romano

Scott Blakeman

Silver Friedman

Zoe Friedman

Bud Friedman

John Rizzo

Robert Ross

Wayne Federman

Bill McCarty

George Calfa

Dave Edison

Fred Stoller

Laura Kightlinger

Jannette Barber

Susie Essman

Scott Carter

Scott LaRose

Who's On First

Michael Golding

Robin Williams

Susie Sassma

Chris Rock

Adam Sandler

Sara Silverman

Jim Mendrinos

Mike Dugan

Paper Moon

Comedy U

Stand-up NY

Nancy Parker


Phyllis Leggett

Liz Prael

Brey Brownlee

Jill Schlesinger

JC Robbins

Comedy Celler

Rick Messina

Babes in Boyland Podcast

Peter Fogel

Ron Richards

Pete Spellos

Bob Wachs

Mike Sweeney

Rosie O'Donnel

Linda Smith

Larry Amorose

Jerry Seinfeld

Tom Popa

Dennis Miller

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