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John Mulroony.

John Mulroony

John Mulroony was the first comedian I ever met, the first time I ever auditioned at Pips in Sheepshead Bay. John came into The Strip on a cold winter Monday afternoon to talk about the roller coaster of success, his marriage to comedy and old friends no longer with us. John has done it all and continues to work clubs, theaters, cruise ships and more. John passed at the Strip in 1979. He first saw a 17 year old Eddie Murphy while sitting in The Strip balcony, waiting to audition for Lucien.

Name Drops in the Mulroony interview:

Vic Dibetetto


David Brenner

Andy Kaufman

Jackie Leonard

Jackie Mason

Jerry Seinfeld

Paul Reiser

Richard Jeni

Hal Spear

Bob Woods

Eddie Murphy

Tim Allen

Joey Kola

Richard Crenna

Milton Berle

George Burns

Richard Baker

Rick Messina

Bill Boggs

Steve Schirippa

David Spade

Henry Cho

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